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With Energids, Sibelga wishes to become the trustworthy reference concerning energy in Brussels. Energids consists of a platform that provides answers to questions about energy. That way Sibelga wants to reinforce its image, modernize and most of all becoming a real partner for the residents of Brussels.


Sibelga is the distribution network operator for electricity and natural gas for the 19 municipalities of Brussels. The maintenance and the extension of the network is one of the tasks of Sibelga. Next to that, Sibelga is responsible for the meter-reading, the validation and the management of the consumption data. 1,000 collaborators work for Sibelga.

  • Content platform for Sibelga clients in Brussels, with an e-letter, magazine and blog-minisite
  • Independent en reliable information and news about energy matters
  • Accessible questions and answers
  • To strengthen the independent expertise and image of Sibelga
  • To be the reference for all questions about energy in Brussels
  • To create transparency in a changing energy market and offer readers extra content
  • To enhance the availability for residents: 24/7 presence, whenever the resident of Brussels has a question and is looking for an answer
  • To increase the contact with residents
  • To increase and improve the database 
Technical specifications e-letter
  • Frequency: 12 times a year
  • Circulation: 5,000 ex. DU – FR
Technical specifications magazine
  • Frequency: 3 times a year
  • Circulation: 450,000 copies DU – FR
  • Average size: 24 pages tête-bêche
  • Distribution: house-to-house
Technical specifications minisite
  • 24/7 live via www.energuide.be
  • Languages: ENG – FR - DU

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