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Rabo magazine plays an important role within the complete content mix of Rabobank.be. The largest online bank in Belgium consciously chooses a print magazine to inform its clients. In the magazine, the readers see who they have contact with by phone or on the Internet. Thus the magazine strengthens the bond between the online bank and its clients.


Rabobank.be is the Belgian pioneer what Internet banking concerns: an online bank without offices and a limited range of saving and investment products. The clear focus on products allows the bank to offer the products in a customer friendly and cost-efficient way. Within 10 years, Rabobank.be grew into the largest Internet bank of Belgium.

  • B2C magazine for all clients of Rabobank.be
  • Print magazine as an extra source of information: addition to all e-communication (blog, e-zine, website …)
  • Articles with extra background information about saving and investing


  • Building a physical, human relationship with clients by showing a ‘face’ to a distant partner 
  • Empowerment: providing information to clients of Rabobank.be so that they can make the right decisions concerning their financial matters.
  • Realize up & cross selling


Technical specifications
  • Frequency: 3 times a year
  • Circulation: 140.000 copies DU – FR
  • Average size: 28 pages
  • Distribution: by mail


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