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Proximus | Content ecosystem


Proximus focuses on the customer for its B2B communication: the content marketing approach is based on what’s relevant for the target group. By thinking and acting as a real publisher, the communication starts with de reader’s needs, desires, fears and aspirations. Through a content ecosystem, that consists of a powerful combination of different channels and an ‘anytime anywhere’ strategy, Proximus can anticipate quickly to every need and change in the business. The premium content is used in a cost –efficient way to inform the reader at the right time in the customer journey. 



Proximus is Belgium’s biggest telecommunications provider. Besides telecom and digital services, the brand provides its customers with new technologies to support the digital transformation in every department. 


  • Content ecosystem consisting of a print magazine, blog and e-letter that is able to anticipate quickly to every need and change in the business
  • Powerful combination of channels with an ‘anytime anywhere’ strategy that brings online and offline closer together
  • Premium content that broadens people’s horizon with a good balance between the expertise of externals and Proximus. 
  • Strong design that embodies innovation and technology through the style of photography, 3D illustrations, typography…
  • To reinforce the role as trusted partner in the digital transformation by talking about new solutions in every department
  • To expand the target group of pure IT-profiles to C-level decision makers: the digital transformation is present in every department of a large company
  • Introduction of marketing automation to respond to the demanding customer who determines his own customer journey
Technical specifications print magazine
  • Frequency: 3 times per year
  • Circulation: 10,000 copies, in 3 languages (EN, NL, FR)
  • Average size: 56 pages
  • Distribution: mailing to the company address 
  • Target group: C-level decision-makers in large companies
  • Year of the first edition: 2007
Technical specifications e-letter
  • Frequency: 6 times a year 
  • Circulation: 90,000 contacts, 3 segmented versions, in 3 languages (EN, NL, FR)
  • Distribution: marketing automation tool
Technical specifications blog

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