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With their client magazine Profiel, OZ wishes to provide their clients with positive, high interest and high involvement content to ensure the position of OZ as a ‘health’ fund.


OZ wishes to be more than a health fund that pays back medical expenses and provides a replacement income. OZ is a big fan of the health and well-being of its clients and therefore wants to offer a range of services concerning health, holiday, vitality and comfort.

  • B2C magazine that informs all active OZ clients about a healthy lifestyle
  • Mix of informative articles about health, holiday, vitality and comfort
  • Focus on advantages OZ clients receive 
  • To stimulate the image of OZ as a ‘health’ fund
  • To illustrate the offer and advantages of OZ concerning health, holiday, vitality and comfort
  • To turn OZ clients into OZ ambassadors
Technical specifications
  • Frequency: 7 times a year
  • Circulation: 170.000 copies DU
  • Average size: 24 pages
  • Distribution: by mail to the personal address
  • Target group: clients of OZ


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