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Delta Lloyd | Perspectief

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Delta Lloyd Bank wants to strengthen its relationship with its core customers. The customer magazine, Perspective, fits into this strategy perfectly and is a nice demonstration of how you can give financial expertise a human face. The content dossiers and articles are provided by internal and external experts. The smart sender personalisation makes the magazine a powerful sales tool.


Delta Lloyd Bank is a specialist in asset management with a pedigree that starts with the oldest asset management specialist in the country: Bank Nagelmackers 1747. Bank Nagelmackers was founded in 1747 in Liege by the Nagelmackers family. In 2005 Nagelmackers merged with Delta Lloyd Bank. Delta Lloyd Bank has been active in Belgium since 2001 and is the product of a merger between Bank van Limburg and Bankunie. Delta Lloyd Belgium is a subsidiary of Delta Lloyd Group. 

  • Loyalty magazine for core customers in which passion and financial expertise are the focus
  • Provision of new, in-depth perspectives via detailed dossiers 
  • Modern design and inspiring photography
  • Sender personalisation: each magazine is sent by the individual customer’s relationship manager
  • To increase the specialist image of the bank and gain brand recognition
  • To emphasise asset management expertise
  • A support tool for prospection
Technical specifications
  • Frequency: 3 times per year
  • Edition: 30,000 copies NL – FR
  • Average size: 24 pages
  • Distribution: by post and in bank branches
  • Target group: Premium and Nagelmackers customers
  • Year of first edition: 2013

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