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Récolte & Gestion positions CBC as a specialist of the Walloon agricultural sector. The aim is to show the appreciation of the farmer profession and strengthen the relationship with the CBC client. 


CBC is the bank and insurance company with a strong local focus for private clients, independants and small & medium-sized enterprises. CBC wants to be close to its clients and is available during the keymoments in their personal and professional life.



  • In-depth articles by the Chief Economist about current economic and financial themes
  • Several testimonials illustrating the initiatives within the target group  


  • To position the bank as a sector specialist
  • To inform about agriculture and horticulture
  • To inform about the CBC bank and insurance products
  • To reinforce the relation with clients who are rarely available


Technical specifications
  • Frequentie: 2 times a year
  • Circulation: 10.000 copies (FR)
  • Average format: 16 pages
  • Distribution: by mail
  • Target audience: clients and professionals in agriculture in Wallonie

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