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Storytellers with a purpose

Propaganda is a no-nonsense content marketing agency that combines communication and marketing knowhow with editorial skills. With more than 37 driven and passionate professionals who have turned 'publishing with purpose' into their core business, Propaganda has grown into the biggest independent content marketing agency in Belgium.

Propaganda produces ROI driven content platforms, blogs, e-letters, print and digital magazines, social media, websites, etc. for all kinds of well-known Belgian brands and organisations from various sectors. 

Propaganda believes

  • relevant and informative content is increasingly important in successful (marketing) communication 
  • brands should become publishers or at least learn to think and act like publishers
  • unique buying proposition prevails over unique selling proposition
  • facing an abundance of content, striving for 'premium' content is key
  • owned media is, in many cases, much more ROI-efficient than paid media
  • content works especially well in a clear and distinct content marketing strategy



Propaganda advises you about how to deploy content in marketing and communication strategies successfully. What is content marketing, how should you use content marketing and why is content marketing a plus for your company? Propaganda gives the answers.


Propaganda devises strong concepts to realize content marketing and communication objectives (loyalty, sales, traffic, SEO ...).


Propaganda creates content projects, provides project management, text editing, image editing, design, programming and, if desired, coordinates printing, shipping, technical set-up and launch.


Propaganda strongly believes in research. With state of the art tools and with a strong focus on ROI, all content projects are continually examined and, if necessary, adjusted.


Propaganda analyzes and optimizes existing projects and workflows. We are your partner for evaluating your existing projects and new ones.


Propaganda insights

Propaganda also publishes information for marketeers and communication professionals about the various possibilities and applications of content marketing. We always draw from our own practice and experience and this information is mostly ment as an eye-opener, source of inspiration or guideline.

43 tips for an even better employee magazine

Based on years of experience with employee magazines, Propaganda has bundled 43 concrete tips in a very usable booklet. These tips are ready-to-use in the everyday composition of an employee magazine. 

38 tips for smarter
content marketing

Marketeers and communication professionals are becoming increasingly aware that their old working mode is falling short in these demanding and turbulant times. Another approach is lurking around the corner. 

30 tips for optimal digital content marketing

Propaganda is a firm believer in the power of digital content marketing. The possibilities will only rise in the future. Discover this handy booklet with our 30 tips for digital content marketing.

Van marketeer tot uitgever

Consumers are becoming increasingly critical of advertising and expect more than just traditional product promotion. Brands must comply with strong, relevant content that starts with the information needs of the consumer. Four content marketing experts guide you through the process from communication mix to implementation. 

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